Loveseat Marseille

With its clean, modern curves, our Marseilles model is everything you’re looking for in a recliner. On top of its reclining motion, you’ll also appreciate its multi-position footrest and power tilt headrest, which offers outstanding neck support for hours of blissful comfort. The firm, short seat offers an ideal sitting position for both men and women. The perfect loveseat for you… and your lifestyle!

  • Manhattan 801 tissu 100% polyester
  • 4590 Ashy cuir pleine fleur


Width: 55 po
Depth: 36 po
Height: 42 po

Motorized headrest

What better than a motorized headrest to replace a pillow or the decorative cushion that must constantly replace.

Need to charge your smartphone or tablet? Simply plug it into the USB port on the control buttons and continue to use it without having to leave the comfort of your favorite seat. The reset button also lets you return to your initial position with a single click.