CAZIS is first and foremost a family business that exclusively designs and distributes reclining living room furniture. We focus on developing inspiring designs and models built according to high quality standards.

That’s why our mission has always been the same: to offer quality reclining living room furniture that’s not only adapted to the market, but also designed by and for local folks.

Proud to offer a Canadian design
What CAZIS means by this:

CAZIS is a designer of chairs, loveseats, sofas and sectional recliners. The company thinks and develops each of its models here in Quebec through Dany, the founder and president, who has more than 25 years of experience in the area of recliner furniture. While CAZIS offers short seating, pocket spring seats, and consistent, superior product quality, it is thanks to Canadian knowledge that the family-owned business has.

CAZIS, designed and now assembled in Canada.

Since September 2021, all CAZIS products are assembled in Canada. Each piece of furniture is meticulously assembled and inspected by our team located in Montreal before any delivery in order to respect our commitment to our customers: to offer quality furniture.

Choosing CAZIS is encouraging Canadian knowledge.

Our vision is clear: to become the benchmark for reclining living room furniture in Canada through smart innovations and partnerships.

Our core values have shaped our business culture and defined our approach. They also guide our day-to-day operations and decision-making.

  • Family: Our entire business culture revolves around family. It can be felt at every level of decision-making and this synergy is encouraged in every facet of our company. Our entire approach to creating living room furniture is inspired by the way our family lives. In fact, it’s how we stand out from the competition.
  • Innovation: One of our main goals is to excel and stand out in our industry. This goal is fully embraced by the entire CAZIS family and it inspires everything we do. It’s the reason why CAZIS is committed to investing so much time in research and development in the years to come. It’s our own unique way of taking comfort to a whole new level.
  • Partnerships: At CAZIS, we recognize the importance of working with others who share the same values; it allows us to all move in the same direction. Our customers, representatives and suppliers are essential to our success, and we intend to bring them to the forefront to develop solid business partnerships based on trust.